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Main location

Thursday – Sunday Most main classes and tasters and ALL parties: Kongresshaus Stadthalle, i.e. the historical grand city hall! Neckarstaden 24, 69117 Heidelberg
Friday – Sunday Taster classes, Main Pass Classes will also be at Dance School Nuzinger, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 7, 69117 Heidelberg
Saturday – Sunday Afternoon Classes for Intermediate/Advanced will take place at Friedrich-Ebert-Grundschule/Theodor-Heuss-Realschule (Gyms), Plöck 105, 69117 Heidelberg



Location of Chase Festival - Stadthalle of Heidelberg


Check out our city Heidelberg!

Every room has wooden floors and are easily accessible from the city center. The Kongresshaus Stadthalle is situated right in the city centre facing the river.

On the map, the Kongresshaus Stadthalle is marked with a bright red icon (letter A). You can also see where you can find hotels and hostels, marked with a yellow house-looking icon.

Heidelberg is a very popular tourist destination, soon you will know why ?
One drawback is that the city is running out of hotel and hostel places soon and you might not find an accommodation that would suit all your requirements.
We suggest you to book your accommodation early.

The yellow houses on the map indicate hotels and hostels that we recommend based on how easy it is for you to come to the main venue. Click on each yellow house for more information.

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About hosting
You can request hosting at hosting@chasefestival.com. We try to serve requests based on the arrival time (first come first served) and also try to take your financial situation into account (like student or unemployed get priority).
As the event becomes more & more international, most participants arrive from outside the city / region / country. It helps to create a special, creative & inspirational mood however it makes hosting difficult.
– so currently we have very limited number of spaces 🙁
– we are working hard to make more local dancers sign up!

Some hostels & hotels we can suggest:

Steffi’s Hostel
Alte Eppelheimer Str. 50
+49 (0)6221 7782772
prices 20/22€ per night in dorm (only 5 beds left in female bedroom)

Tiergartenstraße 5
+49 (0)6221 651190
prices from 22€/night in dorm

Sudpfanne Heidelberg
Hauptstraße 223
69117 Heidelberg
+49 (0) 6221 16 36 36
book via www.hostelworld.com (their own website doesn’t run)
25-30€/night in dorm

Hip Hotel ****
Hauptstr. 115
+49 (0) 6221 20879
prices from 150€/night/double room

Altstadt Hotel ***
St. Anna Gasse 9
+49 (0) 6221 33 70 790
price from 114€/night/double room

Hotel Tannhäuser
Bergheimer Str. 6
+49 (0) 6221 21 805
prices from 112€/night/double room