A beautiful town like Heidelberg is beloved by the tourists and it can happen that accommodation becomes hard to find. And with such a big festival, hosting spots run out like memory on your old camera. That is why, this year, we have secured some bungalows for you at the Heidelberg campground.

We’ve organized an all-inclusive service for you so that you can get 4 nights of accommodation + bike rental and even luggage transport service for only 150 Euro.

Here is how:

The campground is situated on the outskirts of Heidelberg – a 30 minute bike ride from the party venue along the river Neckar with the view of the hills and the castle above you. It really is a beautiful scenery to be looking at when you’re coming home early in the morning from the afterparties.

The bungalows are very basic and they sleep four people on two bunk beds. Shared bathrooms, toilets and power plugs are nearby as well as other useful facilities. We know this is no celebrity accommodation but accommodation is scarce in Heidelberg. We hope this way, we can give some of you the opportunity for a more affordable Chase. We’ve taken some pictures to give you an impression of the location: 

If you would like to stay in Chase Camping, please visit go back to the registration page and sign up to the festival and select this option in one of the check-boxes. You can do this even if you’ve already signed up, just click on the “I already registered for a pass and only want to add options” button on the registration form.

Here is how you can get to and from the camping place:
You can take the S1 tram from either Mannheim or Heidelberg main train station. This tram will take you almost all the way. For your convenience, we’ve organized a car-shuttle service for the remaining bit to take you back and forth between the tram station and the camping place on the travelling days (ca, 5 min car ride).

This is the address of the camping place:
Camping Haide bei Heidelberg
Ziegelhäuserstraße 91
69151 Neckargemünd