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Airports and transportation

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This is how easy you can get to the Chase Festival

There are many ways to heaven! Heidelberg is situated in the heart of Germany. You can get here easily by plain, train and car.

By Plain

The two obvious options are Frankfurt International Airport and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport:

Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt am Main Airport, commonly known as Frankfurt Airport is a major international airport hub. Please note: Germany has another airport with the name Frankfurt, so please make sure that it says “am Main” or “Rhein-Main” which are the two rivers that run next to it.

This airport is the home of all major airlines such as Lufthansa, SAS and alike. If you book your flights in time, it’s usually relatively cheap.

To continue from Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg, you can pre-order a seat on the shuttle buses that take you directly from the airport to Heidelberg City Center. However, you must call in advanced and book it.

Click here to see their time table and all the information you’ll need: FRA Airport shuttle

If you need any help or assistance with figuring out how to get from the airport to Heidelberg please let us know.

Frankfurt -Hahn Airport

With Ryanair, you can find very cheap flights to Frankfurt-Hahn if you book them in advanced. From there you can hop on the direct shuttle bus to Heidelberg main train stations (Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof in German).

Other Airports

There are couple of other airports that can work for you depending on where you come from and if you don’t mind switching to a train or bus for the last bit of the trip.

Airlines and cheap flights:

When you are travelling a lot and/or like the comfort, it’s worthwhile to check on www.lufthansa.com for a regular flight. Lufthansa has reasonable prices for flights between European cities, when you book early (typically between 99 and 250 Euros for a return flight).

A good search engine for cheap flights is idealo. It’s available in 6 different languages. Please note, once you entered your search, give the website a little time to find the cheapest flight, it will first show the most expensive and fill up the page bottom to top with the cheaper offers.
Also, if you have more time than money, it’s sometimes cheaper to choose a flight with a stop-over rather than a direct flight (there are several search options available in the left-hand side menu).
Idealo search engine: German site, English site, US site, French site, Italian site, Polish site, Portugese site, Austrian site

By Train

German trains are pretty well known in the world for their punctuality… at least according to movies. Whenever you are looking for trains to Heidelberg, try to find a train to Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof (main train station). However, trains to Mannheim also work if you don’t mind hopping on a regional train to get to Heidelberg from there.

German rail (Deutsche Bahn): this link is set to the English version of the website (UK/IR). To access other languages, click on the drop down menu with the flag in the top menu bar.
Public transport in the Rhine-Neckar area (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar) : this website is available in German, English, French and Italian. Please click on the flag at the top left to chose your language.

By Car
Heidelberg is right next to the A5 and A656! Which means, it’s pretty straight forward to get here from all over Europe. By car, it takes only:

  • 6 hours from Paris
  • 6 hours from Berlin
  • 5 hours from Hamburg
  • 3 hours from Munich
  • 4.5 hours from Prague

GPS coordinates to the main venue:

49.407137, 8.676417

Bergheimer Straße 147, 69115 Heidelberg
Enter via: Alte Eppelheimer Str. 33, 69115 Heidelberg