Yana discovered swing after getting a swing dance class as a present for her 20th birthday. Since then it became not only a hobby but a passion and a way of life. Yana works at Swing It, the main swing dance school in Israel almost since its opening, now taking a main part in developing most of its syllabi. She loves teaching and is always eager to learn better teaching techniques in order to share her ideas with her students, breaking down complicated concepts for everyone to understand. She likes pizza, aerials and cats, and hates long walks on the beach.

Guy & Yana
Beginning to dance only a couple of months apart, Yana and Guy met on the dance floor and immediately began enjoying each others foolishness that could only be acceptably achieved in swing dancing. One of their hobbies at the beginning was practicing pancakes while waiting for other sorts of food to be ready for takeout. Now they teach together at the Swing It dance school in various cities in Israel and in cities around Europe, while keeping the initial mischief spirit alive.