Having started dancing lindy hop relatively late compared to other lindy hop dancers, Rico Lim showed an astonishing growth every year thanks to his unique talent as well as experience in various dances. With an interest in bebop dance, he dug deeper into solo jazz, and took inspirations from legends such as Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly.

He further improved his style after meeting his dance partner Chloe Hong, and starting with multiple placements in KLHC, he placed in various events including Stompology, ILHC, Camp Hollywood, Snowball, and Swing in Paris.

Along with participating in various competitions, he also has much interest in performance side of the dance and performs yearly with lindy hop legends at the Swing Park Show as well as Diga Diga Doo in Bangkok.

In order to share the swing culture Rico & Chloe pursue, they created a swing society called Tuxedo Junction and shares their creativity in various art forms on top of dancing.

Rico Lim is immersed in everything vintage, and he hopes to reflect it in his dancing

*Video clip: Diga Diga Doo 2017 – The Lindy Trio!_Juan&Mariel, Remy&Alice, Rico&Chloe