Watching Michael and Evita dance is magical. The energy, the chemistry, the power they have between them is a joy to watch. With both of them having long-standing experience in the show business far beyond Lindy Hop, they know how to draw in their audience and spread the love for the dance.

Evita is best known for her endless energy, inspiring performances, and elegant, feminine movement. Whether on stage or leading a class, her vibrant persona inspires onlookers to dance and live in the moment. Michael arrives armed with a connection-focused approach to dancing, a pocket thesaurus and a dry sense of humor. His love for big words (which he tends to use superfluously) and finding metaphors to everyday experiences play into his passion for clear dance concepts and compassionate partnering.

As teachers, Michael and Evita emphasize the understanding of anatomy and efficient use of the body. Connecting movements through elegant flow, clearly projecting direction within the body, and romantic personal interactions are what create their lead and follow technique. Above all other descriptions, one will surely say that Michael and Evita are inspiring to watch and possess a warm welcome to any student of Lindy Hop.

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