Originally from Slovakia, Katka has been living in London for a long time now, juggling between her day job, her many hobbies, teaching for Swing Patrol and travelling to swing festivals. She started dancing a little over three years ago, got hooked pretty quickly and as she finds it hard not to dive head first into thing she started going to workshops and festivals very early on. What she loves about lindy hop – apart from the groovy, bouncy nature of the dance – is the unpredictability of social dancing, the unknown that every dance-conversation brings. She thinks its applies very well to real life. As a teacher, she most cherishes the moments when her students enjoy being challenged and have the good kind of concentration faces on, and when she sees them social dance. She likes to geek out – within dance as well as just about every other aspect of life – so expect a good serving of technique but a healthy dose of humour. Katka enjoys performing too, very much so, and is a member of a couple of London troupes.