Chloe Hong is the owner of FROM/Chloehong, which produces tailor-made vintage clothing, as well as a dancer based in South Korea.

As a fashion designer who loved dancing, she experienced danced such as jazz and hip hop, but once she found swing, she got fascinated the dance.

As a dancer who loves vintage culture, fashion, social dance, the lindy hop spirit, as well as the energy and the musicality of the dance, she tries to share what she loves with many people. She has placed in various events including ILHC, the Snowball, and Lindy Shock, has taught and performed in various countries in Asia including Thailand, Japan, China, and Taiwan, and plans to teach more in Europe and America.

After collaborating with various dancers, Rico and Chloe formed a partnership in 2012. Starting with placing in multiple divisions in KLHC, they went on to place in various international competitions such as ILHC, Camp Hollywood, Snowball, and Swing in Paris. Their interests also reach out to the performing side of the dance. Along with yearly participation in the Swing Park Show in Korea and Diga Diga Doo in Thailand, they have formed a swing society called Tuxedo Junction, where they pursue their creative activities in all areas of vintage culture including music, fashion, photography, videography, graphic art and events.

Their efforts in various areas of vintage culture provides much to look forward to. In addition, their vintage clothing brand FROM/Chloehong recreates vintage clothing in their own interpretation, and currently attracts dancers all over the world.

*Video clip: Diga Diga Doo 2017 – The Lindy Trio!_Juan&Mariel, Remy&Alice, Rico&Chloe