Guy Grassiani
Swing dancing started out as a joke for Guy. He was tricked by a friend into going to a class, even though he had never tried anything like it before. But the joke was on his friend, as Guy loved Lindy Hop from the first Rock Step. Since then he danced as much as he could, learning, traveling and evolving.

Guy is a teacher at Swing It swing dancing school in Israel as well as a teacher and MC all around Europe.

Guy teaches with enthusiasm, passion, and lots of metaphors. He is able to see the the student’s perspective and uses that in his classes.
In Guy’s class you will always leave with a smile and lots of new knowledge. You won’t believe how you’ve learned so much after an hour of fun and laughs!

Guy & Yana
Beginning to dance only a couple of months apart, Yana and Guy met on the dance floor and immediately began enjoying each others foolishness that could only be acceptably achieved in swing dancing. One of their hobbies at the beginning was practicing pancakes while waiting for other sorts of food to be ready for takeout. Now they teach together at the Swing It dance school in various cities in Israel and in cities around Europe, while keeping the initial mischief spirit alive.