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2020 NEWS

– NEW DATE: 11. – 14. June 2020!
– Live music DAY & NIGHT!
– Solo Pass: 4*70 min classes on the Friday.
– Regular passes separated into morning, afternoon and evening passes
– Registration opens on 3rd of December 2019 at 17:00!

Lindy Hop is developing really fast! If you compare the videos from the 80s and 90s to how people dance these days, you’ll see a big change, both in the shapes we take in the dance, as well as the mindset towards the dance. But as the dance is evolving we are in many ways getting closer to how it looked in the 30s and 40s. We have still a lot to learn from the original Lindy Hoppers!

As we keep pushing the dance forward, we’d like to invite you to the Chase Festival: it’s that time of year when dancers, students, teachers and musicians all get together to look back at our history and remind ourselves of our past – both to pick up forgotten gems and to see how far we’ve come.

You don’t need to be a history buff to reap the benefits of our history though. At the Chase Festival, your teachers will deliver classes that draw inspiration from vintage clips to take you on on journey to the best of what our history has to offer.

Most classes and parties will happen in one spot – so the only travel you do during Chase Festival is time travel!

Current list of Talents

2020 Teachers

  • Ali Taghavi (DE)
  • Ana Maeso (SP)
  • Areski Stichweh (DE)
  • Cátia Fonseca (PT)
  • Clàudia Fonte (SP)
  • David Afonso (PT)
  • Giulia Cicerale (IT)
  • Héctor Artal (SP)
  • Kris Blindert (DE)
  • Rivital Englender (IL)
  • Ron Dobrovinsky (IL)
  • Sharon Dobrovinsky (IL)
  • Sonia Ortega (SP)
  • Stefano Tertulliani (IT)
  • Tomer Bernard (IL)

Music Masters

    Info coming soon!

Visual Artists

    Info coming soon!
  • Choose your own schedule:
  • Solo jazz pass: 4*70 min classes on the Friday.
  • Regular passes separated into morning, afternoon and evening passes!
  • 3 Day time parties with live music – Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
  • 4 Evening parties with live music – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
  • 2 Late night parties Friday to Saturday morning and Saturday to Sunday morning!
  • The perfect familiar space: most activities will take place around a beautiful venue called Tanzhaus where you can dance, eat and drink all day and night!
  • Organized city tour with outdoor dancing