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Have you ever dreamed of being able to dance just like the Lindy hoppers in the vintage clips? That’s what the Chase Festival is all about: combining Lindy hop roots and history with present time dance technique – taking the best from the old days and bringing it into the now.

We believe that one of the fastest and easiest way of becoming a better social dancer is to combine 3 strategies:
1. Learn the lead and follow techniques that help you communicate with your partner
2. Learn how to move your own body in a clear and beautiful way through solo dancing
3. Develop an understanding for the dance by studying it’s history and evolution

The Chase Festival classes are designed to “hit the sweet spot” of those three strategies.

Heidelberg is our beautiful location and the entire festival will take place in the historic city hall – that means classes, as well as evening parties! Everything happens in one spot – so the only travel you do during Chase Festival is time travel!

This joint is jumpin’

The inspiration song of the Chase Festival’s 2017 edition is featured in this 1941 vintage clip with Fats Waller and Myra Johnson performing his classic song “The Joint Is Jumpin'”.

The joint is jumpin’
It’s really jumpin’
Every Mose is on his toes
I mean this joint is jumpin’

This is the true spirit of Lindy Hop! Many of your classes will focus on exactly this: how to capture the spirit and rhythm of a social dance from the period. This means a lot of focus on rhythm, social dancing and musicality.

Full list of Talents
Follower Teachers
  • Alice Mei (FR)
  • Anna Fors (SE)
  • Bianca Locatelli (SE)
  • Cátia Fonseca (PT)
  • Diana Geisler (AT)
  • Diana Geisler (AT)
  • Elze Visnevskyte (LT)
  • Evita Arce (US)
  • Giulia Cicerale (IT)
  • Jo Hoffberg (US)
  • Katja Uckermann (DE)
  • Lucile Pinteaux (FR)
  • Natasha Ouimet (FR)
  • Sonia Ortega (ES)
  • Pamela Gaizutyte (LT)
  • Sharon Dobrovinsky (IL)
  • Tatiana Udry (FR)
Leader Teachers
  • Ali Taghavi (DE)
  • Andrew Hsi (AU)
  • David Afonso (PT)
  • Felipe Braga (BR)
  • Felix Berghäll (SE)
  • Héctor Artal (ES)
  • Jakob Bergelin (SE)
  • Michael Jagger (US)
  • Mikey Pedroza (US)
  • Nicolas Deniau (FR)
  • Nils Andrén (SE)
  • Juan Villafane (AR)
  • Patrick Szmidt (FR)
  • Peter Kertz (US)
  • Rikard Ekstrand (SE)
  • Ron Dobrovinsky (IL)
  • Stefano Tertulliani (IT)
Music Masters
  • Hot Sugar Band (FR)
  • Professor Cunningham and his Old School! (US)
  • IKS Big Band (DE)
  • DJ Andy (UK)
  • DJ Greta (DE)
  • DJ Janne (SE)
  • DJ Mad Oli (DE)
  • DJ Praveen (NL)
  • MC Eiki (IS)