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Workshop Passes

Day Pass
  • Day Full Pass: 199€
    includes 6h 15m of classes during the day, 6h 15m taster classes and all parties
  • Note: Classes on Saturday and Sunday
Evening Pass
  • Evening Full Pass: 169€
    includes 5h of classes during the evening, 6h 15m taster classes and all parties
  • Note: Classes on Friday and Saturday
Friday Bonus Day Classes
  • Friday Classes: 70€
    Get additional 3h 45m of class on Friday day time!
    Note: Only in combination with Day or Evening Passes.

  • Note: Classes on Friday
Special Beginners Track
If you just started to dance Lindy hop and want to have a safe and light start to the workshop-world this is the program for you!
For only 99 Euro you get 6 hours of classes with a selection of the teachers and all the parties.
Click here to read all about it: Beginners-Track
Party Pass
95 Euro

The party pass includes:

  • Thursday party:with live music
  • Friday party:with live music
  • Saturday party: with live music
  • Sunday party:with live music
  • Click here to read all about it: Parties at Chase!

    IMPORTANT: NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR! This is a closed event and we will not accept anyone without pre purchased tickets.

    Note: We only sell the party passes as a full package for the 2018 edition. No single evening passes are available.

    Payment methods:
    You can pay for your participation by:

    • Bank transfer
    • PayPal


    We believe that one of the fastest and easiest way of becoming a better social dancer is to combine 3 strategies:
    1. Learn the lead and follow techniques that help you communicate with your partner
    2. Learn how to move your own body in a clear and beautiful way through solo dancing
    3. Develop an understanding for the dance by studying it’s history and evolution

    The Chase Festival classes are designed to “hit the sweet spot” of those three strategies.


    The Chase Festival is all about digging into the vintage clips and drawing inspiration from them. In each class, your teachers show their favourite clips to share their source of inspiration with you – taking the best from the old days and bringing it into the now.


    Almost all classes will be held at the Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg – Neckarstaden 24, 69117 Heidelberg.

    However, a few classes will be in nearby locations.
    A few classes however will be also held at:

    View Chase Festival Map in a larger map