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The parties of the Chase Festival will all take place at the beautiful Stadthalle! The amazing main ballroom with its lovely patterned wood floor, its art deco interior design, and the high-arched ceiling give the Chase Festival a super classy setting and fine vintage ambiance.

What’s new?

  • Longer parties
  • More live music
  • More dance floors
  • staffed wardrobe, for free!
  • Dance floor with live music in parallel to competitions

Party Program:

Thursday: 21:00 – 04:00 In the Grand Hall with Professor Cunningham and his Old School!

Friday: 22:00 – 05:00 In the Grand Hall + Meriansaal with Professor Cunningham and his Old School AND Hot Sugar Band!
Saturday: 21:00 – 06:00 In the Grand Hall + Meriansaal + Baalsaal with Hot Sugar Band AND IKS Big Band for an uninterrupted dance experience.
Sunday: 18:00 – 21:00 In the Grand Hall + Meriansaal with IKS Big Band.

Practical information about the parties

NEW!!! During the parties, we will have a manned wardrobe available between 20:00 – 03:00 FOR FREE. Please note that we still cannot take any responsibility for your valuables or assets. The main reason for this is to create even more space for dancing. And of course, it increases security for your belongings. In special cases, you can also leave a valuable item at them at the reception, however, also there, we cannot take any legal responsibility for your items.

During the parties, a first aid room with equipment available next to the wardrobe area in the Foyer (main entrance). We will also provide liquid instant hand sanitizer at the entry of the ballrooms for you to disinfect your hands.

The dance floor offers a lot of space. Still, we would like to ask you to be cautious and do not kick or hit anyone. Be responsible! Thx!

You cannot bring your own food and drinks to any parties. Food and drinks will be available for sale at the main parties. The kitchen will be open from 20:00 – 03:00 with a small selection of dishes to satisfy your hunger.

Party Passes

Single Entrance
  • Thursday: 25€
  • Friday: 30€
  • Saturday: 30€
  • Sunday: 15€
Full Party pass

    80€ for:

  • Thursday: Professor Cunningham and his Old School
  • Friday: Professor Cunningham and his Old School AND Hot Sugar Band!
  • Saturday: Hot Sugar Band and IKS Big Band
  • Sunday: IKS Big Band
Special Note

Party tickets can only be purchased online ahead of time. Please sign up in time as we can not sell tickets at the door.


The nearest parking garage is called “P8”, just across from our Savoy ballroom (Stadthalle); access via Untere Neckarstraße 44. It is also indicated with street signs. For more parking garages, including up-to-date info on availability and prices, see (unfortunately only in German).

Street parking is very difficult to come by in Heidelberg’s centre. Most of the spaces are only for residents (Bewohner), and you could be fined if you use them. There are some exceptions, but you’ll need to pay attention to the signs to be sure you’re safe. One insider’s tip: the metered parking along the Friedrich-Ebert Anlage (between Friedrich-Ebert-Platz and Adenauer-Platz) is free outside of shopping hours; if you grab one there Saturday evening or all day Sunday you are lucky indeed 🙂