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Pro-Am Mix&Match

This is a Professional-Amateur Mix&Match social dance competition. That’s right the finalists will each be paired up to dance with one of our Chase Festival teachers!
Come and dance for a chance to have the floor all to yourself together with one of the amazing teachers we’ve invited to this event. And of course, there will be a fabulous video for you to show friends and family afterwards.


The top two Leaders and Followers can pick from the following passes.

FULL PASS for The Chase Festival 2019

Competition Fee: 5 Euro
Prelims: Friday 15th of June at 20:30 in the main ballroom.
Format: 3 songs: one slow, one medium and one fast song. We will rotate each time so that you dance with 3 different partners.
Judges for prelims: The teachers who will dance with the finalists.

Finals: Saturday 16th of June at 23:45
– Warm-up dance for you get familiar with your partner.
– Jam style
– All-skate where all couples dance at the same time.
Judges for finals: Expert judging panel.

Registration: at reception during the event.

NEW!!!Mortal Strictly

Why “Mortal”? This time no teachers are allowed to compete. The competition is for us “mere mortals”.
Sign up with your partner and show us what you’ve got! This competition is all about going crazy and putting on a show! And if you win, there is an amazing prize waiting for you!

The winning couple will get a chance to be Taster Teachers at the Chase Festival 2019.
The winning couple will ALSO get hired as teachers for a full weekend teaching gig!
Note: this offer includes 8 hours of teaching at 150Euro/hour + up to 500 Euro of traveling costs + accommodation and food covered! We reserve the right to find alternative solutions in case your costs are higher than this budget.
THERE IS MORE: The winning couple also get a FULL PASS to TEACHERS SUMMIT!
Being a great dancer is just a way to get your foot in the “workshop teaching”-door. If you don’t have your pedagogy and didactic skills sharpened, that door might close before you catch your break.

Competition Fee: 5 Euro

Further competition sponsors are:

Prelims: Friday 15th of June at 21:00 in the main ballroom.
Format: You will dance to 3 songs: slow, medium and fast.
Judges: The teachers of the festival.

Finals: Saturday 16th of June at 23:45
Format: 1. warm up song, 1.5 minutes of spotlight to HOT SUGAR BAND!
Judges: The teachers of the festival.

Registration: at the reception of the event.

Here is a video from the 2016 edition of Chase Festival; the winners Andrew Hsi & Diana Geisler have been invited back as teachers and a Workshop in Berlin because they kicked ass at the Chase!



2016 competition videos:



2015 competition videos:


2014 competition videos:


2013 competition videos: