Jakob Bergelin has been dancing for most of his life. At the age of 10 his mother made him take a beginners class in the Swedish dance Bugg and started competing shortly after. It took about one and a half year of dancing Bugg before Jakob found Lindy Hop and he quickly fell in love with it. After a few years of competing in Bugg, Lindy Hop and as well Boogie woogie, Jakob started dancing with Anna Fors and started focusing more on Lindy Hop. Together, Jakob and Anna has collected many good results from both national and international competitions.

Jakob is very focused on keeping the authentic style of the Savoy ballroom dancers in both his own dancing and also when he teaches the dance.

Nowadays, Jakob and Anna has moved to Uppsala, Sweden, to combine studies and dancing as they compete with the Swedish national team both nationally and internationally.

Competition placements: 1st place Swedish Champonships 2016, 1st place Pro-Showcase ILHC 2016, 1st place Classic ILHC 2016, 1st place All-star Strictly ILHC 2016, 1st place Showcase Camp Hollywood 2016.