Hot Sugar Band

They’re back!!!!

The Lindy Hop community’s favourite band is driving the dance floor crazy – in the best possible way! We are ecstatic to have them back at the Chase Festival.

The magic of the Hot Sugar Band is to connect with the dancers, feel and feed their energy while being true to and expressing their own artistic genius. A fantastic synergy between Lindy Hoppers and musicians. If you want to catch a glimpse of what they’re capable of, check out the videos and posts around their performances last year, for example,


“They played so hard the following things happened:
1. Skye and Frida started a Jam inspiring the crowd.
2. a DOUBLE JAM was formed! That’s right, two jam circles next to each other! That’s how much the Hot Sugar Band was killing it!
3. When the dancers started the big apple routine… wait for it… the Hot Sugar Band picked it up and played the song from the RIGHT f***ing part of the routine!!!
I mean, come on!!”

We can’t wait to have you with us in Heidelberg at the Chase…at the CHASE!
Malo Mazurié Desgarennes (trompet), Sylvain Hamel (Clarinet), Jean-Philippe Scali (Sax), Gwen Ollivier (Piano), Vincent Simonelli (Guitar), Julien Didier (Doublebass) and the awesome Jonathan Gomis (Drum)!