Ali and Katja have been dancing together ever since they met on a Paris dance floor in 2004. They are best known for their technical yet accessible teaching. Their goal is to build upon and expand what you already know about the dance rather than to try to change you. Their step by step “how to” instructions help you learn and practice in a focused way, so you can transfer your new skills onto the social dance floor right away.

Katja and Ali stand out as teachers who have developed their very own approaches to explaining dance techniques in Lindy Hop. Afters years and years of constant development of their ideas and classes, their school of dancing has gained many followers. An asset on which the two build on, having created dance schools in Germany and a dedicated teaching team. Moreover, they have created a unique learning and teaching-focused Swing camp in the French Ardèche called Swing Summit. Sharing their insights has always been part of their enthusiasm about swing dancing. A motto they pursue is “share to grow”. Thus, Katja and Ali are always aiming to make everybody a better dancer.