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The Chase Festival is all about digging into the vintage clips and drawing inspiration from them. In each class, your teachers show their favourite clips to share their source of inspiration with you – taking the best from the old days and bringing it into the now.

Who could ask for anything more

The inspiration song of the Chase Festival’s 2016 edition is featured in this vintage clip with Gene Kelly from the movie “An American in Paris”. It’s playfulness and interaction with the children, singing while dancing, and creating a rhythmical game is something that Lindy hop likes to express just as much. Many of your classes will focus on exactly this: how to train and maintain good rhythmical movements during a Lindy Hop social dance while being very playful and musical together with your partner.

Full list of Talents
  • Michael and Evita (US)
  • Kevin and Jo (US)
  • Jamin and Sonia (US/ES)
  • Cam and Cat (AU/GB)
  • Ali and Katja (DE)
  • Alex and Natalia (GB/US)
  • David and Catia (PT)
  • Kuno and Gosia (DK)
  • Stefano and Giulia (IT)

  • Hot Sugar Band (FR)
  • DJ Greta (DE)
  • and more…
  • Chose your own schedule:
  • Day Passes: Classes during the day to give you a maximum focus on growing & improving. You get 7 hours of main classes, and 5 hours of taster classes with your international rhythm experts
  • Evening Passes: Classes during the early evening to offer you a balance between growing & vacation: 4 hours of classes and 5 hours of taster classes with your international rhythm experts
  • 3 Parties with live music – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and a Thursday pre-party!
  • The perfect vintage flair: almost all classes and parties take place at our beautiful historic venue
  • Organized city tour with outdoor dancing

Check out last years’ Chase shows:

We take special pride in our teachers’ performances to LIVE music.