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Left Guitar

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The Chase Festival is all about digging into the vintage clips and drawing inspiration from them. In each class, your teachers show their favourite clips to share their source of inspiration with you – taking the best from the old days and bringing it into the now.

Now we have JAZZ...

♪♫ This year, some friends of ours in the trade will come to the Chase Festival to
show you how, precisely how… or, round about… ♪♫
How Lindy Hop was Made
(hint: check out our opening video)

  • Chose your own schedule: take classes during the day with a “Full Pass” or during the evening with an “Evening full pass”!
  • Full pass: Focus on growing & improving: 8 hours of classes with your international rhythm experts
  • Evening full pass: Balance between growing & vacation: 4 hours of classes with your international rhythm experts
  • 3 Parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – including live bands!
  • inspiring taster classes and insightful history lessons
  • the perfect vintage flair: all classes and parties take place at an historical venue
  • Organized city tour with outdoor dancing

Videos from the 2014 edition: