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The Chase Festival is all about digging into the vintage clips and drawing inspiration from them. In each class, your teachers show their favourite clips to share their source of inspiration with you – taking the best from the old days and bringing it into the now.

Who could ask for anything more

The inspiration song of the Chase Festival’s 2016 edition is featured in this vintage clip with Gene Kelly from the movie “An American in Paris”. It’s playfulness and interaction with the children, singing while dancing, and creating a rhythmical game is something that Lindy hop likes to express just as much. Many of your classes will focus on exactly this: how to train and maintain good rhythmical movements during a Lindy Hop social dance while being very playful and musical together with your partner.

Full list of Talents
  • Michael and Evita (US)
  • Kevin and Jo (US)
  • Jamin and Sonia (US/ES)
  • Cam and Cat (AU/GB)
  • Ali and Katja (DE)
  • Alex and Natalia (GB/US)
  • David and Catia (PT)
  • Hugo and Melanie (FR)
  • Kuno and Gosia (DK)
  • Stefano and Giulia (IT)
  • Felix and Diana (SE/AT)
  • Oli and Kris (DE)

  • Hot Sugar Band (FR)
  • Huggee Swing Band (DE)
  • IKS Big Band (DE)
  • DJ Greta (DE)
  • DJ Mad Oli (DE)
  • MC Eiki (IS)
  • Chose your own schedule:
  • Day Passes: Classes during the day to give you a maximum focus on growing & improving. You get 7 hours of main classes, and 5 hours of taster classes with your international rhythm experts
  • Evening Passes: Classes during the early evening to offer you a balance between growing & vacation: 4 hours of classes and 5 hours of taster classes with your international rhythm experts
  • 3 Parties with live music – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and a Thursday pre-party!
  • The perfect vintage flair: almost all classes and parties take place at our beautiful historic venue
  • Organized city tour with outdoor dancing

Concept Shows

What’s also very unique about the Chase Festival is that every year we create a unique teachers routine WITH it’s own lyrics. Then we perform it together with live music. Check it out:


Now you have Jazz

Dear gentlefolk of Chase Festival
Or maybe I should
Say hats and cats

I want you to lend an ear
Because, well, I want you
To hear some really
Shimmering sharps and flats

For these cozy virtuosi
Just about the greatest
In the trade are fixing
To show you now precisely how
Or approximately
the Chase was made

Well, you take some swing
Dance begins
Then you go to the Chase
Man, now we’re
Getting someplace

Send her out
getting the crowd
twist it out
that’s what it’s about

Take a turn
that’s how you learn
to add some speed
and take the lead

Don’t ya stop
to/the Lindy Hop
at the Chase, Chase,
Chase, Chase, Chase

That’s positively addictive
Now you’re swingin’ at Chase, Chase

First we present to you
That’s Jeremy
And (that’s) Laura

Now you has Masters
Michael and Evita

Now you has Masters
Ali and Katja

Hey Pops, you wanna grab
A little of what’s left here

Yeah, Daddy, yeah
Here we go

If you sail
(Sailing, sailing)
Over the sea
(Will you wait for me)
Try the sailor step,
rhythm is the key
(Well, Arrivederci)

As for France
William, Maéva
Nous mettent en transe
Quoi, vous ne me croyez pas?
Regardez plutôt ça

Take a plane

Go to Montpellier
Et pour vous ensorceler
Tatiana et JB!

Folks from Budapest
Are probably the best
Ja, sie haben Recht
As nice as in Utrecht

From the Equator
Up to the Pole
Everybody singing
Everybody swinging
Hop, hop, hop, hop

Do the triple step
From the coast to the coast
Swing is king cause Lindy Hop’s
The thing folks dig

That’s The Chase

Performed by: Ali Taghavi & Katja Uckermann, JB Mino & Tatiana Udry, Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat, Michael Jagger & Evita Arce, William Mauvais & Maéva Truntzer
Live music performed by: Hot Sugar Band
Singing by: Dóra Kasznai & Kris Blindert
Choreography by: Katja Uckermann
Lyrics by: Sophia Mara, Jonas Alexander, Areski Stichweh, Kris Blindert and Ali Taghavi
Song transcribed by: Attila Korb
Original song: “Now You Has Jazz” written by Cole Porter for the 1956 film High Society, where it was introduced by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong

Original video:

2014 – Rhythm is our business

Rhythm is our business, rhythm is what we sell.

Rhythm is our business, business sure is swell.
Now, if you’re blue, rhythm’s what you need,
If you got rhythm you’re sure to succeed,
Rhythm is our business, business sure is swell.

There’s Tommy with Alice at the Chase,
They are the fast feet dancers at the Chase.
We know for sure they’re two hot heps,
Specially with those rhythm steps.

We’ve got Max & Sharon at the Chase,
Most stylish dancin’ couple in the Chase.
When Sharon rocks her fancy style,
Even Max can’t help but crack a smile.

We have Michael & Evita at the Chase,
They bring a Broadway flair to the Chase.
Michael’s got the moves like Jagger,
Evita’s spins go on forever.

We got Jb and Tatiana at the Chase,
They swing their rubber legs at the Chase,
Just like Al Norman’s wacky feet,
they fling and flick theirs to the beat.

We got Ali & Katja dancing at the Chase,
They swing their steps in rhythm for the Chase.
They stretch their moves, their hips they bend,
They’ll make you happy til the end.

Oh rhythm is our business!

See you at The Chase 2015!

More information below:

Rhythm Is Our Business

Dancers: Thomas Blacharz & Alice Mei; Max Pitruzzella & Sharon Davis; Michael Jagger & Evita Arce; JB Mino & Tatiana Udry; Ali Taghavi & Katja Uckermann
Choreography by: Audun Kveberg, Katja Uckermann and Thomas Blacharz

Song:Rhythm Is Our Business
Performed by: the Brasstime Big Band and Dóra Kasznai (vocals)
Modified lyrics by: Ali Taghavi, Kris Blindert, Katja Uckermann
Special thanks to: Attila Korb and the Gramophonia Hot Jazz Orchestra for pre-recordings
Video by: Andras Csenki
Logo design by: Ron Dobrovinsky
Animation & Editing by: Slava Bogatov

Original video:


In the 2013 edition we did not use a lyric, but instead we made a re-enactment of a classic Vintage clip.

Dancers: Marcus Koch, Ali Taghavi & Katja Uckermann
Logo design by: Ron Dobrovinsky
Animation & Editing by: Frank Lutz

Other Teachers Performances

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Taster teachers Performance
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German Swing Dance Society e.V Am Kronenburger Hof 3, 69221 Dossenheim, Deutschland Email: info@chasefestival.com Have you ever dreamed of being able to dance just like the Lindy hoppers in the vintage clips? That’s what the Chase Festival is all about: combining Lindy hop roots and history with present time dance technique – taking the best from the old days and bringing it into the now. Contact / AGB / Impressum / imprint